General Practitioner Services

Your GP is your first stop on the path of good health. He serves as your main, go-to doctor who’s responsible for your overall health and treatment. Dr. Ranchod has worked as a general practitioner for many years, and has assisted many patients with their primary health needs - from managing chronic illness and pain, to assisting with acute illness and infections, Dr. Ranchod’s approach is unique and carefully orchestrated to ensure his patients receive the highest level of care.

Quite possibly the most valuable and least understood function of your primary care physician is planning and coordinating your individual health care. Dr. Ranchod functions as strategists who enables multiple doctors and specialists to work as a team, providing you with the most comprehensive health care experience possible.

In circumstances that involve multiple doctors, you can benefit from having a competent captain to keep all the players moving in the same direction. Without solid leadership and direction, the quality of your care can easily suffer. With a doctor you can trust to keep your overall health at the forefront of every conversation, you give yourself the best chance.

While a firm believer in homeopathic medicine, he also uses conventional medical treatments with his patient to allow for a truly unique and all-encompassing medical experience. He aims to promote and and encourage overall health and wellness in every patient he treats.

Dr. Ranchod serves the entire family, from your baby to your grandfather. As a general practitioner, he can act as an internal medicine doctor, pediatrician or gynecologist whenever needed. If you wake up with the flu or your child has an earache, Dr. Ranchod is more than ready to help you feel better and get your child back to school. Additionally, he can help you manage any chronic condition or illness you suffer from, assist with once-off checkups or insurance medicals and perform minor surgical procedures in his rooms.

When it comes to health, every option should be evaluated and presented to you. Dr. Ranchod has a broad set of skills to ensure his patients are given the support and care they need. If you’re looking for a medical doctor who can be flexible with his treatment options, who relies on more than just conventional medical treatments and who encourages overall health and wellness, give our Wynberg practice a call and schedule an appointment with Dr. Ranchod today.